Dearest Friend,

Well, here we are again - celebrating another virtual Easter. My sincerest apologies that I could not arrange an in-person Easter Egg hunt at your church this year. But, what kind of Easter Bunny would I be if I invited you to a mass gathering right now? I am here to spread joy, and bring you news of new life - not endanger life!  Thankfully, I have some pretty amazing helpers! At my request, UU staff and lay leaders from all over North America have hidden Easter egg pictures on their congregational and organization websites.  Welcome, to the UU Virtual Easter Egg Hunt 2021!  

How does it work? Below, there are two links (links will remain live through Friday, April 30, 2021).  The first link will take you on an easy egg hunt.  Simply follow the eggs you find on each webpage to the prize page at the end.  Or, you may wish to challenge yourself by clicking on the second link.  This is the difficult egg hunt.  To complete this egg hunt, you'll need to search entire websites for your Easter eggs.  Both hunts will take you to the same prize page, so it does not matter which you choose.  Just have fun!

Looking for some extra fun? Here's a riddle for you, "How does Easter end?" Do you know? Use this cipher on your egg hunt to find the answer!

Easy Egg Hunt Cipher
7P6L1C    14P2L2C    21P3L5C    28P3L8C    35P1L4C    42P5L3C    49P1L9C    56P2L6C    63P1L8C

Difficult Egg Hunt Cipher
1Hp1L1C    2Hp2L2C    3Hp2L6C    4Hp6L1C    5Hp2L9C    6Hp2L7C    7Hp3L9C    8Hp4L7C    9Hp6L3C

Happy Hunting!
- The Easter Bunny

P.S. Some eggs are quite small.  You'll need a keen eye to see them all.  Reach out to your congregation's DRE or webmaster for hints if you get stuck.  Or, cheat with this hint sheet.

A NOTE ABOUT ANTI-VIRUS POP-UPS: Your anti-virus software may pop-up to say certain websites on this hunt are unsafe. If you run across this issue, simply hit "ignore" on your pop-up to progress with the hunt. Every link on this hunt is safe.

A NOTE ABOUT "BROKEN LINKS": Some eggs may appear to be broken links. If you run across this issue, first look below the egg, to see if there is text that may be hyperlinked.  If there is not, then clear your cache and cookies. This will re-set the website, and the egg will work.